Saturday, October 4, 2014

Paula Cademartori Handbags 2014/15 Collection

Discover here on fashionbashon all the new deluxe bags catalogue of the talented Italian designer Palua Cademartori.

                                                          Titiana Shoulder Bag. 


                Studded Petite Faye Sky Blue Bag.

                           Kate Crossbody Bag.

                               Faye Handbag.

                                 Dun Dun Handbag.

                                 Daisy Shopper Bag.

                               Carine Shoulder Bag.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Best Mascara For Every Kind of Lash You Could Want

Each woman has a favorite kind of eyelash based on which looks best on her, or which she wants to try for the night. Some women want to have curled eyelashes, while others try to achieve length, and others still just want a ton of volume. So instead of just giving you our favorite mascaras, we’ve narrowed things down a bit so you can find which mascara will work best for what you really want. From length to definition to waterproof formulas, here are the best options!
If you want length…
arbonne mascara The Best Mascaras For Every Kind of Lash You Could Want